This is the official blog page for The Write People LLC, a total-package marketing firm based in Aspen, Colo. Want to gag every time someone describes him- or herself as a “social media expert?” Yeah, me too.

That’s why I took a holistic approach in deciding which services to offer. After all, the reason I went into business is because I like to help people. Setting up a Facebook page and saying, “good luck!” doesn’t cut it. So I write business and marketing plans for clients in their start-up phase. And for those clients that have been in business for years but are looking to update to 2011, I do websites (design, content and hosting services) and yes, social media campaigns. Are you a non-profit organization? I’m happy to write grant proposals in accordance with the Colorado Common Grant Application.

Cue the name, “The Write People.” As trite as it sounds, writing really is my passion. If it has to do with writing and business, chances are, I do it. Hence, the blog. While we all need money to earn a living, I believe in sharing information. That way, even if your budget doesn’t allow for a professional expert, you can still stay ahead of your competitors.

Happy reading! And of course, I want to get to know you as well. Whether you have a story to share, general feedback to give, or have a particular question that you’d like me to answer on my next blog post, leave a comment! Or send an e-mail to editor@thewritepeople.biz.

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