Marketing Makeover Lesson 3: Learn the Capewalk.

The first time I ever heard of the Capewalk, it was in a very different context than business: it was a tip to help guys pick up women.

The Capewalk is all about confidence. And just as confidence is that intangible “it” factor that can be the make-or-break element in asking for a date, it’s also the make-or-break in business. It’s a great exercise that immediately creates non-verbal signals of competence and leadership. It goes something like this:

When you walk into a room (or toward an executive for a handshake), imagine that you’re wearing a cape. Seriously. Think about how Superman (or Superwoman!) would walk into whatever situation you’re facing: in such a way that that cape would flow elegantly behind him or her. Superheroes never look silly with a cape because they own their capes. So then, should you.

So let’s break that down a little. If you’re wearing a cape — and you don’t want your cape to lay limply at your back; remember, this is an accessory! — there are rules to how you stand, walk, even sit. Shoulders back, but not too back. Chest puffed out just enough so that your cape can flutter. And capes need to drape, so no slumping!

If I told you all that breakdown as individual things to remember, it’d be overwhelming. But tell you to walk like you’re wearing a cape, and bam! You’re a superhero.

Looking forward to your success story,

Megan Tackett

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